Adoption Application


Dear Family seeking adoption through St. Joseph Adoption Ministry:

St. Joseph Adoption Ministry is a Child Placement Agency, licensed and incorporated in the State of Kansas, for the purpose of helping couples who are actively seeking to enhance their family through adoption.

We are a ministry of the Congregation of St. Joseph and we view our mission as a sacred calling and a beneficial service to those whom we are privileged to help. Our familiarity with adoption procedures can ease your anxiety as you go through the process. We also work with other professionals and referral sources in the adoption field and together we will strive to help you through the process towards a successful adoption. While we, or no one in the adoption world can promise you a child, since it is the birthparents who ultimately make that decision, nonetheless, we make every effort to help you realize your dreams of becoming parents.

Click here: StJosephapp2019 to view and print the following information:

Adoption Application

Child Abuse and Neglect Registry Release of Information form (for Kansas couples)

Corporal Punishment Pledge

Service Fee Schedule

We invite you to contact us by telephone at 913-299-5222 (toll free 1-800-752-1737) or email with any questions you may have. We wish you God’s blessings on your journey towards adoption and we will be happy to be of service.


Sister Dolora May, CSJ, MHA, Executive Director

Sherry Clayton, LSCSW