About Us


We are a Catholic, Pro-Life Agency sponsored by the Congregation of St. Joseph. We act as eyes and ears for prospective parents, through networking and being their advocate with attorneys and agencies throughout the nation.

We are a licensed adoption agency in the State of Kansas. We focus on adoptions of newborns and toddlers within the United States. We network with reputable agencies and adoption attorneys throughout the United States and thus become aware of potentially adoptive children.

Through the application process, we get to know your family better. This information allows us to acquaint you with our potential adoptive resources.

Currently, a majority of our clients are able to adopt within one year of application. Age can be a factor in adoptive situations, therefore, we prefer that parents usually not exceed fifty years of age.

In your decision to pursue an adoption plan, we will remain as a support throughout the entire adoption process.

We wish you God’s blessings.

Sister Dolora May, CSJ, MHA, Executive Director

Sherry Clayton, LSCSW