Services Defined


We are a Catholic, Pro-Life Agency sponsored by the Congregation of St. Joseph.

We are a licensed adoption agency in the State of Kansas. We primarily match our couples with adoptions of newborns and toddlers within the United States. We network with reputable agencies and adoption attorneys throughout the United States and thus become aware of potentially adoptive children.

Through the application process, we get to know your family better. This information allows us to acquaint you with our potential adoptive resources.

Currently, a majority of our clients are able to adopt within one year of submitting application. There are different variables that determine outcome.

In your decision to pursue an adoption plan, we will remain as a support throughout the entire adoption process.

Adoption Fee 

The service fee of $5,000* will be paid and mailed along with the completed and signed formal application to St. Joseph Adoption Ministry. The service fee is based upon the process through which a client proceeds from the time the formal application is received until the placement of a child with the couple.

An invoice will be mailed to you at the time of receipt of service fee of $5,000 and completed and signed formal application. The service fee is nonrefundable.

* Additional fees may apply from other adoptive service providers once couple is matched with birth mother.

What to Expect on your Adoption Journey

The stages of completion are as follows:

• STAGE I:  Reception and review of application and all pertinent forms, an assessment and assistance in the adoption planning, initial interview, either in person or by telephone and ongoing assistance.

• STAGE II:  Review and continuing processing of portfolios whereby a potential birth mother reviews and chooses to be “matched” with the particular couple, who in turn, also agree to the said situation. If  the adopting couple choose not to agree, we continue on until we find a “match” that is acceptable to both parties. This phase also includes the updating of all materials required for the adoption  plan.

• STAGE III:  Procurement of legal, medical and familial data relative to the birth parents and the requirements pertinent to the adoption process. It does not include the costs incurred by other adoption professionals who represent the family of birth, nor does it include birth mother expenses, travel costs, or finalization. It is at this juncture in the process that the baby is born and the chosen couple are about to become parents. However, at the time of the birth, there is a determination made by the birth parents whether or not they will continue the adoption plan. If for whatever reason the adoption plan fails, we will continue helping the couple to adopt at no additional cost from St. Joseph Adoption Ministry.

• STAGE IV:  Placement of the child as well as all legal papers having been signed by the birth parents and the adoptive couple. All legal records are maintained and preserved by St. Joseph Adoption Ministry.